“You are beautiful, my dear!”

 These are the most desirable words for a woman.

Every woman deserves to hear them for decades.

 But we have them, our enemies are mimic wrinkles.

  How to prevent the appearance of expression lines that prevent us from being beautiful?

What causes facial wrinkles?

And more importantly – how to remove expression wrinkles?

All this is within our power. 

 What causes wrinkles?

    Over time, any skin will lose its elasticity and strength, folds and grooves will appear on it. 

  Facial wrinkles progress gradually, year after year, one after another. They appear in different parts of the face depending on age. 

 There are several factors that can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles:

  1. Sun rays. UV light affects the structure of collagen. The paler your skin, the higher the likelihood of sun wrinkles.
  2. Unhealthy habits, especially smoking. 
  3. Influence of other external factors such as dust, wind and humidity.
  4. Our emotions. When we frown or smile, wrinkles appear around the eyes and on the forehead.
  5. Sugar consumption. Sugar is the enemy of our youth, which inhibits the skin’s ability to self-renew and regenerate. 

   Yes! Our nutrition is one of the most important factors for the beauty and health of our skin. The diet should be varied and balanced in terms of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements, but now we will talk about skin nutrition. 

   What do you think about when you hear the phrase “skin nourishment”? Definitely about which face cream to choose, or some nourishing masks. This is because the current view on this is that we think masks and creams are the best nutrition for the skin. 

     But this is not the case!

    The skin consumes 99% of its nutrition not from the outside, but due to internal substances supplied with the blood. 

  Blood flow can be facilitated by:

  1. Contrast shower . 

  Temperature changes expand and narrow the skin (its pores), strengthen the capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, and improve metabolism. Blood rushes strongly to the cooled skin, nourishes it from the inside. So the contrast shower keeps the skin youthful.

  1. Exercises for the face from wrinkles.

  Facial exercises warm up the facial muscles, maintain their tone, accelerate blood stagnation, help the body remove metabolic products through the pores and deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells.  

  So having all these jars on your bathroom shelf is okay, you don’t have to give up this pleasure, but you should always remember that for real and effective skin nourishment (which keeps skin young!), Use facial fitness regularly.

Fitness for the face helps to strengthen the oval of the face and remove age-related changes. Firstly, because it is a safe method of rejuvenation, and secondly, face fitness has no age restrictions. 

  ” There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones!

      The first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy was convinced of this. She became a symbol of the era, a fashion icon for a whole generation. The woman who showed us an example of facial care without plastic surgery and serious cosmetic procedures. Jacqueline used a set of facial exercises developed by her personal beautician. Facial gymnastics (facial exercises) included exercises for the lips, cheeks and eyes. The entire set took only 5-7 minutes a day, but still provided Jacqueline with a shiny and gorgeous look!

     If the President’s wife, having the opportunity to choose ANY method of facial treatment, chose face fitness, then why don’t we follow her example today?

     Each of us has our weak points – a double chin, a flabby neck, wrinkles on the forehead, as well as wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, an uneven face shape, a tired look, a crease between the eyebrows or nasolabial folds. During pregnancy, pigmentation and malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands may be added to this list. Face fitness can solve all these problems. It not only tightens the facial muscles and returns them to normal tone, but also supports the normalization of blood flow and metabolism. As a result, we get firm skin and a beautiful complexion.

How to start : Wash your hands and go!

Beautiful and young neck

Beautiful lips

Expressive cheekbones

Very beautiful eyes