How to get rid of wrinkles on neck and look younger? 


                                                                                              “A woman’s age is given away by her neck”

Is it true?

Yes, it is. This expression has reasons:

  1. The skin on the neck is thin, the subcutaneous fat layer is minimal, and this is a condition for rapid         dehydration;
  2. The network of small vessels is poorly represented, which slows down the microcirculation of blood;
  3. In addition, the weak activity of the muscles of the anterior surface of the neck contributes to the   loss of their tone and atrophy of the upper tissues of the neck.

  Our neck is made up of superficial, medium and deep muscles. Deep and middle muscles are involved in head turning. But for the beauty and youth of the neck superficial muscles so-called platysma are responsible.

  On this page, you can find the best and most effective exercises from face fitness, which will strengthen platysma, will help to get rid of neck wrinkles and improve necklace line, which means prolong your beauty and youth. 

You will achieve:

neck lifting without surgery;

a lot more clear contour of the lower jaw, removing the “second chin”;

– lifting the corners of your mouth;

– removing neck wrinkles; 

strengthen the tone of the neck;


                                           Exercises for raising the tine of the neck

  Starting position: Straight back, retracted stomach. A palm lies at the base of the neck and slightly presses it. The other hand rests on any surface. Chin up. Now smile widely, without showing your teeth, and try to reach the tip of your nose with your tongue. Eyes are looking up at the ceiling.

  Begin to push off actively with your hand, without relieving strain. Hold the starting position. Your movements should be similar to swinging.

  Now repeat the swinging, turning your head to the right and then to the left. Do it 10 times in each direction. The initial position changes only when you turn your head. 

It’s important! You should not feel any discomfort in the back of your neck.

You will notice the first result in 10-12 days.


                                         Exercise for lifting oval of the face and neck

  Starting position: Open your mouth. Wrap your lips inwards so that they cover your teeth. The mouth should be small. Don’t smile.

  Make scooping movements with your mouth, slowly opening and closing it (5 reps).

  Lift your chin a bit by 2 cm. And repeat the scooping movements 5 more times (without releasing the strain).

  Next, pull your chin up highly. Pull your shoulders back. While you stretch up without touching your face, bring your hand to the chin and lead it up to the top of your head.

  Repeat the pulsating hand movements over your head 30 times.


And now brighten the world with your smile!!!

Beautiful lips

Expressive cheekbones

Very beautiful eyes