“Factors on your beauty”

Little-known factors that have a significant impact on your beauty.

     We are all different. Someone at the age of 70 gushes with energy lives an active life and shines with beauty, and someone at the age of 45 is being given a seat on the bus…


But Why?


     Modern science, in addition to the well-known reasons, highlights the following factors that lead not only to early external signs of aging, but also to poor health.

What are they, the enemies of our beauty?

  1. Protein deficiency provokes a loss of skin density. Poor protein absorption has an identical effect. I’m not saying that vegetarians will age earlier, but in terms of the skin condition, they are at risk;
  2. Sudden weight jumps. As a result of rapid weight loss, stretched skin remains. You need to lose weight gradually, as well as getting weight, stretching the process for months;
  3. Insufficient amount of oxygen. Simply add in your routine walks in the fresh air;
  4. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep contributes to an increase amount of the hormone cortisol. The hormone cortisol has a bad effect not only on the skin, but also on the rest of the body’s systems. Full sleep – at least 8 hours;
  5. Stress, as well as anger, envy, and other bad emotions, also increase cortisol. The result is dull skin and poor health;
  6. Sweet and chocolate lovers age much faster.
  7. Like sunbathing? Then at 30 you will look like 40 year old;
  8. Insufficient amount of power loads, poor muscle structure and as a result-poor posture;
  9. Wrong posture-the clarity of the oval face is lost faster, ptosis.

     Let’s fight our enemy-the early aging of our face and body!

борьба за красоту



   Let’s start to work on ourselves right now. To stay healthy and young for many, many years. Introduce a full sleep, sports, proper nutrition, walking in the fresh air to your life and, !OF COURSE!, DO YOUR FAVORITE FACE FITNESS!!!

“You are beautiful”

Beautiful lips

Expressive cheekbones

Very beautiful eyes